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Asset Management System Policy

ISO 55001: 2014

Based on the strategic directions and national visions of the United Arab Emirates towards strengthening endowments and developing investment in them, and to enhance the confidence of endowers and benefactors, the Dar Al Ber Society continuously seeks to implement all international systems that work to achieve this, as so it adopted the ‘ISO 55001 Asset Management System’ specification: 2014, one of the most prominent global systems through which the institution can manage its assets and control the valuable property owned by it in order to preserve and invest in it, whether these assets are tangible, such as buildings, or intangible, such as intellectual property and reputation.

Through the application of the standards of the ‘ISO 55001:2014 Asset Management System’ specification, Dar Al Ber Society affirms its full commitment to applying all legislative, legal and technical requirements related to the management of its tangible and intangible assets, and an affirmation of its commitment also to the quality of all activities and processes related to its effective management, preservation and development efficiently. And effectively, in an effort to increase its useful life - existence and investment - through a safe life cycle to ensure its ownership, operation, maintenance and depreciation, all through a clear decision-making system based on managing it according to the principles of asset management in order to benefit from it as much as possible to be supportive of charitable, humanitarian and cultural projects in line with the vision and strategy of the Society.

In order to ensure the efficiency of the ‘ISO 55001: 2014 Asset Management System’ specification, its application will be continuously monitored, evaluated and reviewed in an effort to continuously improve all its operations and meet the aspirations of stakeholders through training and educating human resources and establishing a culture of preserving and optimally using assets and property. In addition to publishing and communicating this document to customers and stakeholders inside or outside the Society.