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  • Main Office

    - Dubai

    800 79

  • Bur Dubai Branch

    - Dubai

    04 352 3333

  • Islamic Information Center

    - Dubai

    04 355 5223

  • Jumeirah Quran Memorization Center (Males)

    - Dubai

    04 344 8920

  • Almosa Quran Memorization Center (Male)

    - Dubai

    04 394 7647

  • Nad Al Hammar Quran Memorization Center (Females)

    - Dubai

    04 289 5767

  • ِAl Mamzar Quran Memorization Center ( Female )

    - Dubai

    04 296 6773

  • Ras Al khaimah Quran Memorization Center (Females)

    - Ras al-Khaimah Branch

    07 233 3015

  • Ajman Branch

    - Ajman

    06 747 0404

  • - Ras al-Khaimah Branch

    07 223 3088

  • Umm ِAl Quwain Branch

    - Umm al-Quwain Branch

    06 765 0002

  • Al khozam Branch

    - Ras al-Khaimah Branch

    07 236 4071

  • Islamic Information Center

    - Ras al-Khaimah Branch

    07 221 0009

  • Fujairah Branch

    - Al Fujairah

    09 243 0696

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Year of Tolerance

Dar Al Ber

Latest News

The UAE campaign is gaining special importance and added value in its transformation into the concept of "sustainable programs"

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Dubai: Dar Al-Ber society provides 100 water coolers distributed throughout the UAE, as part of a charitable project and a humanitarian initiative aimed at providing clean and suitable drinking water in public places and fields, and meeting the needs of passers-by, workers and the general public to ease their thirst. During the summer.

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Dar Al-Ber: The principles of Mohammed bin Rashid are human heritage in the public assignment, curriculum and roadmap for the future.

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Dar Al Ber society: UAE (homeland of tolerance) - Tolerance in the UAE is a consistent approach, a public policy and a creative national spirit

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Dar Al Ber launches the “7th Neighbor Initiative”

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Dar Al Ber’s students steal the limelight in Ras Al Khaimah Holy Quran Memorisation Award Won 7 top places in the 18th version of the award

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Dar Al Ber organises 90 lectures in Dubai’s Mosques in 2017

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Dar Al Ber receives AED500 thousand from Emirates Islamic Bank in support for the new Muslims

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Russian Muslims laud the Emirati charity projects in their country

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Dar Al Ber sponsors 4,984 new orphans in 22 countries in 2017

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