Dar Alber Society has launched the finals of the ninth session for Dar alber Award for the Holy Quran and noble prophetic Sunnah in Ajman with the participation of 1456 contenders from both sexes, among of them are 1365 from male students and 47 male and females teachers and 44 participants of the category of mothers .
Faisal Sahrawy, the manager of Dar Alber branch in Ajman, has pointed out that the Society has allocated a budget of 850000 AED for this year award which started last Sunday 9th of June .The competitors sharing in the award are from 3 sections : The Holy Quran branch in which 705 contenders are participating, the noble prophetic Sunnah sayings (Hadith) with 600 contenders and AlFiqh
( Jurisprudence ) section with 151 participants.
Faisal Sahrawy said: The participants’ lists in this year session from the Quranic Award include 676 male and 689 female students from Ajman educational zone schools from citizens and residents of all different ages and schools’ grades starting from kindergartens and the teachers from the teaching members bodies in the Emirate schools in addition to the mothers section.
He assured that the award seeks to build and produce a faithful, aware and intellectual Quranic generation on the approach of moderation and mildness to contribute in consolidating the values of our true religion, spreading forgiveness, love and fraternity , fighting radicalization and extremism and servicing their homeland.