The Scientific Research School in Dubai has concluded the twentieth version of the Quranic annual competition, which has been sponsored and financed by Dar Al-ber Society this year, and lasted for 8 months with participation of 923 students, among 482 females and 441 males.
Abdullah Ali bin Zaid AlFalasy, the executive director of Dar Al-ber Society, Abdulaziz Alkamaly, the director of Al-ber Holy Quran Memorization project for males, affiliated to the Society, and Hussein Albalooshy , the manager of the media office in the Society, attended the honouring ceremony of the 20th session winners of the Quran annual memorization competition last Wednesday which was organized by the Scientific Research School, at its headquarter in Alwarqaa 4 in Dubai.
The School has honoured the executive director of Dar Al-ber Society and the regular winner students in The Holy Quran memorization sessions , which the Society, represented in Al-ber project for Holy Quran memorization, provides authorized Quranic scholars to teach and qualify the students in the fields of Quran reciting and memorization.
Aymen Aljarrah, the deputy general director of the school , said: 140 students won the first places of the competition, among 73 female students and 67 male students. However, the number of the finalists to the final stage of the competition has reached 750 male and female students. The participating students’ ages range between 5 to 17 years.