Dar al-Ber Society, yesterday morning (Tuesday), concluded a memorandum of understanding with the Permanent Committee for Labor Affairs of the Emirate of Dubai, which is specialized in providing awareness services, support and assistance to the labors.

Dar Al-Ber was represented by Mohammed Suhail Al Muhairi, board member of the Society, and head of the social service sector, and the committee was represented by Ahmed AlMaa’sam, vice president, in the presence of Abdullah Lashkari, general coordinator of the Committee, and Dr. Hisham Al Zahrani, deputy head of the social service sector in the society.

Mohammed Suhail Al Muhairi said: The memorandum states that "Dar al-Ber” Shall organize awareness, religious and cultural lectures , for the labors in the events, in coordination with the Committee, and provide the desired support physically, financially, in material and culturally, in line with its objectives, according to its possibilities, besides participating in voluntary initiatives Launched by the Committee.

Al-Muhairi explained that the MOU includes the presentation of "Dar al-Ber " Projects and their charitable campaigns through the website of the permanent Committee and its accounts in social media, and to publicize the activities of the society in meetings and events with various partners of the Committee, to encourage them to cooperate in providing Charitable initiatives for the benefit of the labors.

The memorandum aims to serve the interests and objectives of the two parties, which are in the public interest, to strengthen relations of cooperation and understanding between the two sides, to develop them continuously, and to lay the foundations of mutual cooperation between them.

Ahmad AlMaa’sam Said that "The agreement will open horizons in many areas, especially with regard to supporting labors in different ways, starting with guidance and training, and then participating in the social initiatives, with the aim of strengthening the bonds of cooperation between the different sides,”, stressing that Dar al-Ber is one of the leading societies in the Charitable and humanitarian work, while the Committee is concerned with labors' affairs in the Emirate of Dubai.