The Committee of Low-Income Families in Umm Al Quwain, a subsidiary of Dar Al-Ber Society, presented a series of happiness initiatives and humanitarian projects during the holy month of Ramadan with the aim of spreading happiness and providing the needs of low-income groups.
The Committee has launched the distribution project of “Ramadan Sustenance (Almeer)” on the Low-Income families at a cost of one million AED to provide them with their main food needs during the holy Ramadan month. 3000 needy families have benefited from the project in the Emirates of the state, in addition to distributing purchase vouchers on 307 needy families to enable them to buy the food materials during Ramadan at a cost of 153600 AED.
Ali Al-Assi, head of Dar Al-Ber Low-Income Families Committee, pointed to the implementation of a number of initiatives on” Zayed Day for Humanitarian work”, including an initiative entitled "Bring Happiness to them" for the families of prisoners. It distributed food purchase vouchers where 41 families benefited from in Umm Al Quwain at a cost of 20,500 AED. In a second initiative, the committee distributed purchasing vouchers to 207 limited income families to enable them to buy food for the month of Ramadan at a cost of 153,600 AED.
The “Low-Income Families” have guaranteed to implement the initiative of “Eid Clothing” to make joy overwhelm the limited income families and their children in Al-Fitr Eid through providing purchase vouchers from the famous commercial shops. 207 families have benefited from at a cost of 102500 AED.

Child’s Joy
According to Al-Assi, the committee launched the initiative (Make child happy 2) to prepare children to fast and strengthen their readiness for the month of Ramadan, where it celebrated the children and distributed symbolic gifts, to bring joy and happiness to their hearts. 70 children, 35 mothers and 15 women benefited from, sponsored and supported by several bodies.
Bring happiness to workers
Al-Assi said that the committee of low-income families in Dar Al-Ber carried out another humanitarian initiative under the heading of "feeding the food" to cheer up 500 workers in Umm al-Quwain on the occasion of Labor Day, with the support and sponsorship of a number of its partners. The initiative provided meals and valuable gifts to the "workers", including tickets to perform Umrah or visit their home country, as part of the initiatives of the Society which supports the section of "cleaners".