The activities and events administration in Dar Al-ber Society has succeeded in organizing and completing a group of Ramadan distinct events and activities during the holy month of Ramadan. One of the most prominent was a partnership with the Executive Council in Ajman, to revive a number of lectures in the mosques of the Emirate, under the title (Ajman piety and faith).
Dr. Hisham Al-Zahrani, Vice President of the Social Services Sector in Dar Al-Ber, pointed out that the competent department of the Society organized 12 lectures in Arabic in Ajman, 13 lectures in Arabic in Dubai ,however, 333 lectures for Urdu speakers in a number of mosques and fasting Iftar tents of the Muslim communities in Dubai.
Hisham Al-Zahrani indicated to distributing 17,490 Ramadan baskets on 53 governmental departments. Each basket contains 7 brochures handling various topics and 4 CDs .
Al-Zahrani also noted the organization of holy Quran and prophet Sunnah competition in the Penal and rehabilitation Institution in Dubai with the participation of 325 inmates, males and females, in the Institution of the General Command of Dubai police.