The Dar al-Ber Society has completed its charitable, humanitarian and seasonal development projects during its Ramadan campaign this year, benefiting 378 thousand and 230 people, in 30 countries around the world, distributed in 3 continents, in cooperation and coordination with 7 embassies of UAE, and in partnership with 40 destination agencies that implemented these projects. The initiatives in these countries, benefiting poor families, orphans, widows, universities, schools, mosques and residential communities, at a cost a total of 4,780,690.00 million AED.

The society stressed that the seasonal campaign was in compliance with the values and teachings of the Islamic religion, the embodiment of the State policy and approach, and the translation of the vision and guidance of the prudent leadership, spreading happiness, helping the poor and needy on the Earth, providing their needs, and promoting the values of fraternity and love And tolerance.

Abdullah Ali bin Zayed al-Al Falasi, CEO of Dar al-Ber, explained that the campaign, carried out by the project management in the society, included the project ( fasting Iftar), at a cost of 1.5 million, which is a distribution of "food baskets " and cooked meals for the poor family, widows, orphans, and divorced. The initiative of "Iftar of the philanthropists and donors in their built and completed mosques ", with the aim of involving them in the revival of these rituals each year, within the seasonal campaigns of "Dar al-Ber".

Al Falasi noted that the seasonal campaign also included the project (Zakat al-Fitr), at a cost of 1,507,000 thousand dirhams, which provides distribution of rice, flour, maize, millet or flour, according to the nature of food of the people of each country, and the project (Eid Clothing), aimed at the clothing of orphans, the poor, low-income and the needy people during the Eid.