With 1,405 beggars nabbed last year, the Dar Al Ber Society has paid tributes to the ministry of Interior and the Dubai Police for their anti-begging campaign which is meant to curb this negative phenomenon that gets worse during the holy month of Ramadan.

The Dubai Police have formed a special security team of 21 officers to efficiently handle the seasonal illegal practice under an emirate-wise drive themed: ‘Fight Begging’.

As per the drive, zero tolerance will be shown towards beggars who exploit people's charitable sentiments, particularly during the holy month, and even go further and abuse their own children to do the same.

It is better not to give money to beggars, mainly children, because this will save them from exploitation and allow them to live a normal childhood, even if their parents are poor, according to a senior official here.

Hailing the move, Abdullah Ali bin Zayed, Executive Director of Dar Al Ber Society, said the UAE government spares no effort to provide well-paid job opportunities for Emirati nationals and residents alike.

“It is therefore unacceptable from some people to beg for assistance anywhere, as it happened in Dubai markets, roads, and public areas. They can simply approach any of the accredited charity societies and verify their need to get help instead.”

Dubai Police have significantly launched a number of successful drives to totally combat and put an end to this uncivilized practice which gets worse during seasons, feasts and holidays, chiefly in Ramadan, he added.

Official figures show that the Dubai Police nabbed 1,405 beggars last year, including 1,166 men and 239 women. Of those 248 men and 64 women or a total of 312 were stopped last Ramadan.

“Some of the detainees were found to be on tourist and business visa, staying in luxury hotels, involved in robberies and other crimes, and have even made big fortune by begging.”

Bin Zayed said the Dubai Police have deployed more security patrols, and distributed thousands of brochures to develop public awareness about the serious impact of begging, and urge people to report such illegal practice even on social media.

The charity societies entities operative in the country are all set with big spends on all the vulnerable segments of the society provided that they verify their need for help, he underlined.

“All kinds of financial, medical, foodstuff and in-kind assistance are ensured for indigent and low-income people yet through legal, monitored, and audited channels in line with the directives of the UAE prudent leaders.”