Dar Al-Bar Society, in cooperation with the Dubai Municipality, launched a unique humanitarian initiative, "Suqaya Al-Tair"(Birds’ Quench), as part of the "Tolerance Year" initiatives and projects, in light of the sharp rise in temperature and humidity during the summer.
Abdullah Ali Bin Zayed Al Falasi, Executive Director of Dar Al Ber Society, pointed out that the charity initiative is based on the distribution of "water cans" in 100 parks in Dubai during the summer. He indicated that the door is open for the participation of people and various sides through receiving donations for the purchase and provision of "water bottles" for the quench of birds, or to donate to the initiative and the campaign accompanying it, and can deposit the value of the donation in the account "Dar Alber" at Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank (10068346). The Society calls on the public to call (80079), to receive birds’ water cans and to participate in the initiative, which contributes to the dissemination and promotion of the culture of charitable work, and not limited to material assistance.
Al Falasi said: "The initiative takes into account the values and principles of compassion for all birds and neighbourhoods through the provision of drinking water for birds in compliance with the values of our true religion, the translation of the state's policy and approach in the field of philanthropy and humanitarian work, and in accordance with the directives and vision of the prudent leadership in this direction , and the set of inherited values , traditions and manners of the sons of the Emirates, in order to promote the concept of "homeland of mercy" and "state of humanity".