Up to 179 female Quran memorisers of Dar Al Ber Society stole the show in 10 Quran contests across the country last year.

These have outstandingly seized 57 of the top three positions in all the 10 local Quran competitions they chipped in, according to Abdullah Ali bin Zayed, the executive director of Dar Al Ber Society.

“Four of our ‘Al Ber Quran Study Project’ seized one of the top five positions in the Quran and Sunnah contest in Sharjah last year, and those were honoured in a special ceremony at the Qasimiya University au Muweilah area, Sharjah.”

Quran memorisers Khadija Abdullah and Mariam Yusuf sequentially ranked third and fourth in the 20-part branch whereas Shahid Jamal and Mariam Muslim consecutively came second and fourth in the five-part section, he added.

“As many as 179 female Quran memorisers of different nationalities and ages, listed under the Dar Al Ber promising ‘Ber Quran Memorisation Project’, have far excelled their counterparts in 10 Quran contests in 2015.”

Those competent students have secured 57 advanced positions in all the Quran competitions they participated in last year, said Moza Naseeb, deputy head of the women affairs sector in the Ber project.

“The Mamzar Quran study centre secured the top position, for the 6th year in a row, in the Quran study contest organised by the department of Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities in 2015.”

The Nad Al Hamar Quran Centre, which is one of leading and influential Quran study centres, ranked third in the same annual contest which sees stiff competition from all centres for memorising the holy Quran, she pointed out.