Al Ber Project for memorizing the Holy Quran for males registered 166 students during the first quarter of this year (2020 AD), among 34 new students, 37 old students, and 46 Emirati students .
Abdul Aziz Kamali, Director of the Qur'an Project, affiliated with Dar Al Ber Society in Dubai, said: “Two students succeeded in completing the memorization of the Book of God Almighty in full, during the first three months of this year, so that the number of students of the project memorizing “fully” of the Holy Qur'an will reach 46 students. The project organized 4 programs and events during the same period: “ the smart memorization program” for memorizing the Qur'an via smart phones, Alsanad ( the transmitted chain of Hadith) program, private sessions for memorizing the Qur'an for the elderly, the intensive winter course for memorizing, two religious educational lectures and a recreational trip.
Abdul Aziz Kamali indicated that the project, in January, February and March, participated with five of its students representing it, in one of the Qur’anic competitions in the country. The number of the Great Quran parts, which Al Ber project students have memorized, is 90 thousand and 29 parts.