During the first quarter of the current year, the family culture sector in Dar Al Ber Society accomplished 19 scientific events and awareness, educational and community initiatives, benefiting 2786 of both sexes, young and old.
Asmaa Abdul-Qader Al-Rayyes, head of the family culture sector at Dar Al Ber Society, said that different segments and elements of the local community, including students, women, men and young people, participated in the activities organized by the sector, which in turn participated in a number of activities in institutions and other agencies , during January, February, and March. 
Asmaa Al-Rayyes explained that the activities of the sector were divided, in the first quarter, between attending activities, before the crisis of the emergence of the globally novel "Corona", and activities (remotely), after the outbreak of "Covid19”.
Al-Rayyes indicated that among the most prominent activities of the first quarter, which were organized by the "Family Culture" sector: a foundation course in Sharia sciences, a session on preparing female propagators, the Qur’an program “my way of life”, a forum (Containment art of the marital differences), Ibn Al-Qayyim program, and towards a happy married life, continuous memorization workshops for the Qur’an in 6 branches of “Dar Al Ber”, Sanad and Sanad preparation sessions in the Holy Qur’an, as well as courses for Al Ber (E-learning) platform “remotely”, participation and arbitration in a number of Quranic competitions.