Dubai, UAE: Dar Al Ber Society (DABS), Ajman branch, has carried out a number of charitable and humanitarian projects in the first quarter of this year 2017 to help meet its strategic philanthropic objectives and secure the needs of vulnerable people.

Abdullah Ali bin Zayed Al Falasi, Executive Director of Dar Al Ber, said the projects accomplished spanned the construction of new mosques around the world against Dh16,450,024.

“New water wells, worth Dh458,873, have also been dug over the same period to provide clean water for drinking and other civil uses at disadvantaged areas and regions.”

Khalid Abdulwahhab Al Khajah, DABS manager in Ajman, said they provided an array of financial aids, amounting to Dh1.5 million to indigent and low-income people in the first three months of the year.

“We spent Dh536,3000 on due accommodation rents, as well as Dh67,200 for paying out the treatment fees of poor patients, along with school and university study fees that hit Dh389,500.”

Up to Dh416,000 have been specified for the ‘Giving Vision’ program on social media, he added. “The program, run in collaboration with the ‘UAE Vision’, is meant to help destitute patients with hard-to-treat diseases and special humanitarian cases.”

In-kind aids

Al Khajah said they further secured 2,400 packets of canned foods, 2,900 bottles of cooking oil, 27,000 Vitamin-C bottles, and 28,000 hygienic items to eligible people. “The low-income families and blue-collar workers registered with the DABS branch in Ajman have benefited from the in-kind aids.”