Dubai, UAE – The Islamic Information centre, a main branch of Dar Al Ber Society, has run an array of activities during the holy month of Ramadan to enlighten people, particularly new Muslims, about the tolerance of Islam.

Official figures show that up to 5,000 people attended these diverse activities which were meant to spread to the spirit of compassion, civilized communication, and peaceful coexistence in the society as directed by the UAE prudent leadership.

Abdullah Ali bin Zayed Al Falasi, Executive Director of Dar Al Ber, said the Centre ran a very informative lecture on the virtues and rulings of Ramadan in English and Chinese during the holy month.

“The IIC also organised an Iftar tent for new Muslims where 200 free Iftar meals were being served on a daily basis, let alone several cultural programs that targeted the labour camps of Dubai.”

Dar Al Ber further enlightened the inmates of Sharjah about Ramadan, and honoured the new Muslim inmates there, he added. “Daily classes on the rulings of fasting and the explanation of Juza Amma (final part of the Quran) were run.”

Rashid Salem Al Junaibi, IIC Manager, said they distributed 70,000 brochures on the virtues and rulings of Ramadan at the Islamic centres, as well as public and private entities all over the country in Ramadan this year.

“We have also organised a special light competition for new Muslims to develop their awareness on the holy month of Ramadan, its virtues and rulings.”

He added that the Centre participated in the Dubai police activities to mark the Zayed Humanitarian Work Day.

“Sheikha Shamsa bint Hasher Al Maktoum attended the Ramadan Tent activities and participated in distributing the daily Iftar meals to the new Muslims which left a positive impact on them all.”