Dubai, UAE – Dar Al Ber Society, ran a variety of religious and cultural activities during the holy month of Ramadan to spread authentic knowledge and develop people awareness about the tolerance and moderation of Islam.

Abdullah Ali bin Zayed Al Falasi, Executive Director of Dar Al Ber, said they distributed 77,000 brochures and CDs on the holy Quran and jurisprudence-related issues to enlighten people on Islam and refute fanaticism and extremism claims.

“Dar Al Ber issued 35,000 CDs on full Quran, 10,000 CDs on the rulings of fasting in questions and answers, 10,000 CDs on Quran contemplations, and 10,000 CDs on how to refrain from doing sins.”

Dar Al Ber further issued 3,000 copies of Azkar, 2,000 copies on Zakat rulings, 2,000 copies Qiyam prayers in Ramadan, and 1,000 copies on the rulings of fasting, he added. “These are added to 3,000 copies on Ramadan.”

Faisal Sahrawi, Activities and Events Manager with Dar Al Ber, said they chipped in the cultural corner of the annual orphans’ ceremony – known as ‘Mother of Giving’ function.

“We distributed 60,000 copies of the holy Quran in Urdu in different sizes and 50,000 similar copies in Arabic during the holy month of Ramadan,” he said. “We also ran seven lectures on the ‘lessons of Ramadan’.”

A special competition for male and female inmates of Dubai police was organised as well, he added. “Cash prizes up to 100,000 were presented to top winners,” he said, noting that a special competition was launched for new Muslims.

Dar Al Ber also organised a number of courses at the punitive and correctional institution of Dubai police, Sahrawi stated. “These included courses on Arabic language, ethics of Quran memorisers, and how to learn the Quran by heart.”

These were apart from weekly lectures and the Quran copies that were distributed to Dubai inmates, he said. “Special videos on the rulings of Islam were also shared on social media.”