Dubai, UAE: Dar Al Ber Society spent Dh4,585,555 on an array of charitable and community services for the benefit of 378,011 low-income families in the first six months of the year.

The diverse schemes have been carried out by the Department of Zakat and Community Service at Dar Al Ber at different emirates of the country, according to a senior official.

Mohammed Suhail Al Muhairi, Head of Community Service Sector, said up to 378,011 indigent people, including 11,139 poor families benefited from the diverse services.

“A budget of Dh4,585,555 has been specified for these charitable and humanitarian services over the period from January 01 to June 30.”

He added that they carried out 10 projects spanning ‘feeding Food’ project and the ‘Summer Projects’ whereby air conditioners, coolers, and fridges are provided for destitute families.

“The other projects run included the ‘Water Aid’ scheme, ‘Lifetime Umrah’, ‘Food Basket’, ‘Eid Al Fitr Clothes’, ‘Charity Souk’, ‘Ramadan Meer’, as well as the ‘Iftar Meal’ program.”

Hisham Ahmed Al Zahrani, Deputy Head of Community Services Sector, said they provided 172,871 food and supply items for 3,478 vulnerable people, and also attended to 2,108 people with limited income.

“Up to 4,766 low-income people visited the department of Zakat and Community Service for help during this period,” he said. “We further attended to 16,352 calls over the same period.”

The Department has further disbursed Dh5,607,388 for eligible cases, Al Zahrani disclosed. “The Department of Zakat and Community Service has carried out 98 visits and field work missions in the first half of the year.”