Dubai, UAE: Dar Al Ber Society has affirmed that the Emirati women’s exceptional achievements in a wide range of fields have led to a significantly positive impact on the entire country.

Their relentless efforts have created quantum leaps in all establishments in view of the directives and exemplary vision of the prudent leadership to empower women and develop their skills and the services rendered to them over decades.

Abdullah Ali bin Zayed Al Falasi, Executive Director of Dar Al Ber, said the Emirati women’s remarkable achievements speak volume and the entire nation is so proud of them.

“She plays an important role in boosting the process of sustainable and comprehensive development across the country, let alone her dedication to new generations and bringing them up on our deeply-rooted religious, social and national values.”

Her efforts in the education and all service sectors are countless, he added. “The UAE women are now working in certain sectors that previously had no job for them.”

Al Falasi said the Emirati woman’s role has always been significant and critical for ages since the forefathers. “They used to be thoroughly involved in all kinds of activities home or outdoors, bringing up their kids and looking after their families.”

The early travelers’ documentary pictures of the UAE establishment and federation showed that the Emirati women were an integral part of the society, he underlined. “This reflects their great role since the early ages.”

Asma Al Rayes, Head of Women Affairs Sector at Dar Al Ber, said the UAE is proud of the Emirati women’s achievements, and paid special tributes to their female leaderships.

“Emirati woman have managed to hold important and sensitive positions as a minister, FNC speaker, parliament member, ambassador, professor, and other critical posts.”

Dar Al Ber, to specify a sector for women’s affairs, clearly reflects the women’s role and value in the country, she added. “This also shows the exemplary vision of the UAE prudent leadership.”