Dubai, UAE – Dar Al Ber Society has run an array of courses to educate, entertain, and teach up to 656 female students of different ages some parts of the holy Quran during the summer holiday.

The courses, run by the ‘Female Branch’ of the ‘Al Ber Quran Memorisation Project’, spanned specialised, qualifying, training, and scientific sessions that saw a remarkable participation.

Abdullah Ali bin Zayed Al Falasi, Executive Director of Dar Al Ber, said the ‘Nad Al Hamar’ Centre organised the ‘summer treasures-7’ course to help girls learn the Quran and Islamic values. “This witnessed 78 students.”

The same centre ran another course named ‘Al Ber Seedlings-4’ for teaching 86 young girls the advantages of the holy Quran, he added. “They were also trained on eating etiquette, parental gratitude, and some movable games.”

Asma Al Rais, head of women affairs sector at the Society, said the Mamzar Centre organised a course under the theme ‘Crowns of Light’ to help 125 girls learn the Quran. “They had a chance to listen to some simplified religious readings as well.”

The Dubai centre, Ras Al Khaimah centre, and Utruja Centre in Ajman also held several courses to help 192 female students learn minimum five parts of the holy Quran, she added.

“Up to 100 students aging six years and above participated in the ‘Goodness Pearls’ course organised by the Abu Manara mosque in Dubai during which they memorised some parts of the Quran, and chipped in several contests and trips.”

The RAK Centre has further run a special course for helping 138 girls memorise 1.5 to five parts of the holy Quran under the theme: ‘summer is different with us’, she disclosed. “These included 80 elder students and 58 young girls.”