Dubai, UAE – Dar Al Ber Society, committed to vulnerable people no matter where they are, has run 5,275 charitable and humanitarian projects in Asia and Eastern Europe this year so far.

These diverse relief schemes and programs stood at Dh24,349,305, according to Imran Mohammed Abdullah, head of the Charity Projects Sector at Dar Al Ber Society.

“The contributions collected have been distributed to 11 students against Dh25,600, added to seven Quran and Sunnah teachers against Dh40,600, and printing five scientific books against Dh2,220.”

These are apart from 3,414 projects for digging water wells and building water reservoirs against Dh6,147,245, he added.

“Up to 69 water aid projects, worth Dh23,689, and 118 medical projects, worth Dh262,662, were also carried out in Asian and Eastern European countries this year so far.”

Official records show that Dar Al Ber also accomplished 25 food and relief projects in Asia and Eastern Europe in 2017. “These projects stood at Dh10,734, while productive families were supported with Dh422,801.”

Dar Al Ber has also built 294 mosques against Dh14,286,547, along with 572 charity endowments against Dh2,690,139, 14 sacrificial animals projects, worth Dh14,935, he elaborated. “We also carried out a variety of 57 general projects against Dh329,266.”

Abdulkarim Jaafar Al Hassan, Manager Asia and Eastern Europe Projects Department, said Dar Al Ber, in collaboration with its strategic partners in these countries, carried out 1,892 relief projects this year.

“These represent 35.8 per cent of the total charity projects Dar Al Ber has accomplished this year so far,” he said. “As many as 3,242 projects are underway; 61.4 per cent, and 141 new projects; 2.6 per cent, are to be initiated soon.”