Dubai, UAE – The Dubai International Holy Quran Award (DIHQA) has nominated a competent Quran memoriser of the Dar Al Ber Society (Dabs) to represent the UAE in the King Abdulaziz International Holy Quran Award.
The global competition was organised in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia over the period from October 04-11, according to Khalid Mohammed Sultan Alolama, Manager of the ‘Al Ber Quran Memorisation’ project, Dabs.
“Abdulaziz Abdullah Belal Hassan, showing exceptional performance, has been chosen for participation in the third branch of the global award that was specified for memorisers of 15 Juza or parts of the Holy Quran.”
This was actually the second international participation for the excellent male students enrolled under the ‘Al Ber Quran Memorisation’ project this year, he added.
“Mohammed Abdulsalam Mohammed Al Bastaki, another Quran memoriser under the project, competed in the Tunisia International Holy Quran Award in April this year.”
Other students of the project represent the UAE in global Quran competitions in Bahrain, Oman, Jordan and other countries, Alolama elaborated. “Our students have remarkably seized advanced positions in so many Quran awards.”