Dubai, UAE – Dar Al Ber Society (DABS) has run two important specialised training courses for 22 Quran teachers and mentors.

The courses, organised by the Al Ber Project Quran Memorisation Project, female branch, was held at the Al Mamzar Quran study centre in Dubai.

Asma Al Rayes, Chair of Women Sector in Dar Al Ber, said the first course, themed (Divine Teacher 9), was exclusively open for Quran teachers.

“The second course, themed (Towards distinguished supervision 4), was open for the staff mentors registered with the project in particular and Dar Al Ber Society in general.”

Both courses, which lasted for one week, came to a close, she added. “The courses were meant to develop the human cadres, and have the staff Quran teachers and mentors accredited in teaching the textbook of the ‘Children Guide’, she added.

“All the attendees, including 14 teachers and eight supervisors, were enlightened about the adopted rules in Quran teaching accreditation.”

Prominent scholar Sheikh Mustafa Al Qassas delivered daily specialised lectures on the art and schools of Quran recitation, he explained.

“The teachers and supervisors present were trained on the proper way to teach the textbook of the ‘Children Guide’ authored by Mushin bin Mohammed Al Maamun, let alone the conditions due for accreditation.”

Ms. Khadija Naseeb then gave some inspiring lectures at the sideline of the two courses.