Dubai, UAE – Dar Al Ber Society has built a big mosque in Mexico City as part of a mega civilized project mean to promote the tolerance and moderation of Islam and fight extremism.

Abdullah Ali bin Zayed Al Falasi, Executive Director of Dar Al Ber, said the project is in line with the teachings of Islam that are based on tolerance, moderation, coexistence and mutual understanding among human beings.

“It is also in pursuance of the vision and policy of the country, and the method and directives of the prudent leadership who relentlessly tries hard to promote moderation and fight fanaticism.”

A delegation of the Society, including Imran Mohammed Abdullah, Head of Charity Projects Sector, and Abdulkarim Jaafar Al Hassan, Manager of Asia and Eastern Europe Projects Department, visited the centre, he added.

“The delegation was briefed on the development of the projects including a mosque and an education centre that are carried out for the benefit of vulnerable people.”

Imran Mohamed Abdullah said that Dar Al Ber is so keen on promoting the values of giving and tolerance, fighting poverty, meeting the needs of disadvantaged people disregard their religions and grounds.”

Jaafar Al Hassan said the visit helped them identify poor people’s needs. “We met a number of people there, including fresh Muslims, who voiced their ambitions and concerns, and talked about the projects they are in need of.”