Dubai, UAE – Dar Al Ber Society has unveiled two endowment projects in Dubai, one of which has been fully financed by an Emirati philanthropist woman with Dh8,250,000.

The two schemes are aimed to boost endowment projects in the country, meet the charitable, humanitarian and social objectives of the Society and fulfil the needs of the low-income people in all emirates.

Hashim Al Hashimi, Acting Executive Director of Dar Al Ber, said the Nahda Endowment project is situated at the Nahda area of Dubai behind the Zulekha hospital.

“The 11-floor building, worth Dh32,950,067, has been built on an area of 15,000 square feet.”

The endowment, consisting of 66 apartments, has been funded by several sources, he added.

“These spanned 55 per cent by the Department of Orphans and Poor Families in the Society against 21 per cent by the ‘Used Clothes’ project, let alone 15 per cent by the ‘Gates of Heaven’ live program and the Dubai Media Inc.”

The ‘Al Ber Quran Memorisation’ project contributed five per cent against three per cent by the Projects Department, he stated. “These are apart from 0.02 per cent funded by a number of philanthropists.”

Al Hashimi said the second project, named the ‘Chinese Centre’, is about to be completed at the International City, Dubai on an area of 18,097 square feet.

“The Islamic centre, valued at Dh8,258,000, provides a line-up of services, spanning Quran memorisation and Islamic culture.”

Al Hashimi said 74 per cent of the Al Nahda Endowment project has been completed. “It is expected to be finished in June, 2018.”

The ‘Chinese Centre’ shall be completed next March, though, he pointed out. “Dar Al Ber is currently building a number of mosques in the emirates of Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Ajman, Umm Al Quwain, and Ras Al Khaimah.”

These reflect the Society’s vital role in building mosques and Quran study centres nationwide, he underlined. “This is part of the Society effective participation in the sustainable development in the country.”