DUBAI, Rushan hazrat Abbyasov, the first deputy chairman of the Russia Muftis Council and the Religious Board of Muslims of Russia, commended the strong relationship between the UAE and Russian Muslims represented in the big charity projects undertaken by the Emirati charitable institutions in Russia. He stressed the importance of boosting the ties between the two parties through “public diplomacy” under the umbrella of the strong bilateral economic and political relationships.
Speaking on behalf of the Russian Muslims, Abbyasov expressed his gratitude to the UAE and its humanitarian aid arms for supporting the Muslim community in Russian through a variety of charity and development mega projects.
This came during the visit paid a delegation from the Russian Muslim community to the headquarters of Dar Al Ber Society on Sheikh Zayed Road.
The delegation was greeted by Omran Mohamed Abdullah, Head of the Charity Projects Sector, Tarek Al Jassmi, Deputy Head of the Sector and Yousif Al Yateem, Director of Charity Projects Directorate.
Abbyasov also pointed out that the projects undertaken by the Emirati charity organizations included providing Iftar Saym, Breakfast meals, in Moscow and across the country during the Holly Month of Ramadan, providing gifts to the needy people during Eid Al Fiter and Eid Al Dha and buildings mosques, many of which have been destroyed by the Communist Party. Muslims today enjoy complete freedom under the democratic rule of the Russian Federation that paved the way for us to rebuilt Mosques across the country through charity projects donated by Dar AL Ber Society and other UAE humanitarian organizations, he said.
Omran Mohamed Abdullah, Head of the Charity Projects Sector, said that two parties discussed the ways and means to boost the common charity and humanitarian activities and increasing the number of projects conducted by the UAE for the benefit of the Muslim community in Russia and supporting the needy people there. He also pointed out the society, compared to that with the other Emirati charity bodies, enjoy very old and strong ties with the official organizations of the Russian Muslims.
Abdullah presented a copy of Mushaf Al Ber, a trophy and some of the society’s publications to the visiting delegation.